Feel the power inside
'It's alive!'
Bride of Frankenstein
Pump her veins with strains of arpeggios
It's magnifico
Let's see what we get when we synthesize
'You think you're playing God!' all the people cry
She was living but she really never had a life
But now she's buzzin' and she's gonna take you for a ride

I can feel the power
Can you feel the power?
I can feel the power!

Feel the power inside
We provide
and electrify
Your body horror-botic monstrosity
This atrocity
Shock lobotomy
Follow the recipe if you like
But if ya make your own way, then you'll find your style
Ain't she something, she's turning folks into necrophiles
She's walking dead but she's makin' em walk the extra mile

How you like her now?
How do you like her now?
How do you like her now?