A little background information...

My name is R-kade Robot.

R-kade Robot is a high voltage electronic music producer from Melbourne who delivers a unique blend of space-age glitch hop and electric jazz funk. 
Applying over a decade of production experience and skills which he developed while studying Sound Production at Melbourne Polytechnic, his releases have seen themselves ranking highly on Beatport's music charts, at highest reaching position #16. In 2016, R-kade Robot was featured as Reverbnation's #1 Electronic artist in Victoria. 

After multiple EPs released through Glitch Hop Community and Plasmapool, and a few years in the studio, R-kade Robot returned to the light with an explosive full length debut LP, titled 'Space Glitch & Electric Jazz Funk". 
Following that up with his 3rd EP, Earthrise, R-kade Robot heads into 2021 with guns blazing and many more releases to follow.


Under the music section of this site you'll find a healthy balance of funky dance tunes, aggressive bass synths and glitchy electronica.

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